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About Mullens Takeaway

Mullens Takeaway knows that eating is enjoyment and we want you to celebrate this fun every time you visit. You first taste with your eyes. If it looks bad you won’t want it. Our food is prepared to display a stunning visual of deliciousness designed to capture your imagination and excite you even before you try it. Your next experience will be the delicious aroma wafting through the air, surrounding you and intoxicating your senses, playfully teasing you.

By this time you are fighting the desire to become “hangry”. Not to worry, the release of this built up desire is but one small bite away. It’s there, waiting for you. Bite in, savour that first rush of flavours as they collide with your taste buds. This is why you came to Mullens Takeaway, the flavour impact. Be slow and patient like with a lover. Don’t rush, there is plenty. Sit back, smile, you are among family now. 

Mullens Takeaway Restaurant

Find us in Drogheda and Dundalk By now you’re asking yourself Where are they located? Are they located near me? We know you are hungry but don’t worry, we have locations near you as well as delivery service so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy Mullen’s Takeaway. With both of our locations in County Louth you are never more than 30 minutes away from a Mullens Takeaway. You can find us in both Drogheda and Dundalk. Since you can never get enough of Mullens Takeaway we want you to find us with ease. If you are in Drogheda you can find us at 18A Deleek St. If you happen to be in Dundalk we can be found on Castletown Road. 

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